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"All of us think Chris is awesome! She not only feeds us and keep our potty area clean, she also takes the time to talk with us and play with us! We love the bird toy! Then, because Mom misses us, she takes our picture to send to Mom. I can almost see Mom smiling because she’s so happy knowing we’re OK. Chris also really cares about us. One time Riley was hiding in the bathroom with the door closed, he likes playing with doors, and Chris couldn’t find him, so she called Mom. Mom knew about Riley’s game and let Chris know where he was hiding. Everyone was happy!” It’s not easy for pet parents to leave their furry kids but knowing Chris is there keeping an eye on them makes it easier. Also, knowing that we would get a phone call or text if there were ANY questions makes us feel more at ease."


Riley, Jazz, Cody, Bella, Chris and Julie, South Tampa.


Chris has been a blessing for me, my dog Portia, and my cat Mercedes. My girls are in their older, fragile years – Mercedes is 17 and plagued by arthritis, Portia requires insulin injections twice a day for diabetes and requires meds for allergies. Chris is always diligent about the timing of Portia’s treatment and visits, and conducts research on the side to ensure she understands “the latest” ailment that Portia finds to come down with. Chris has been flexible with me and my work schedule (I’m a reservist whose job depends on current events), and when I’ve had occasion to request help “at the last minute,” she does her best to fit my girls in. Most importantly, when Portia sees Chris coming, her tail starts to wag her body and she runs to her. When Portia notices that Chris is visiting the dogs next door, she wants to go visit. And, Chris has been known to cheat on a dog-walking visit, giving Mercedes attention and love – which of course Mercedes seems to like. If you have any questions, please feel free to phone me – Chris has my number.

Best regards, Kathleen from Hyde Park, Tampa.

"We are so grateful to have discovered Aussie Petsitter nine years ago. Chris and her excellent staff have lovingly cared for our many dogs through rambunctious puppyhood, cancer, surgeries, and old-age ailments. And when we added eight hens to the family menagerie, "Aunt Chris" and her staff became pros at managing poultry as well! Whether we need mid-day walks during the workweek or extended care over weekends and holidays, we know we can count on the Aussie Petsitter team to take excellent care of our pets."


The Glenn's, South Tampa.


"Chris is terrific.  She provides pet taxi and occasional visits for our "boy" and she has NEVER missed an appointment - reliability is key to me and she has delivered 100%+.  She leaves loving and sweet notes about her visits which always cheer me up."

Cathy, South Tampa.





"Gubbio waits expectantly for her daily walk, she loves her walkers. We love them as well, knowing Gubbio is being looked after by people who love her. They are reliable and trustworthy and we feel secure allowing them in our home and caring for our pet. Chris has a wonderful service that we feel lucky to have found and would recommend them to anyone looking for pet sitting or walking services."

Chris and Shirley, South Tampa.



"Since I'm a South Tampa dog, I expect the best of everything. I will accept no less than Aussie Pet Sitter for my walks."

Flash, South Tampa.







"Deciding to get a puppy was a big decision but an even bigger one for us was finding the perfect someone to care for our two puppies during the workday. Where do we begin to find someone who will take care of our babies for us?? Well, after much online research, checking referrals and doing our due diligence, we found Chris and her business, Aussie Pet Sitter. We spoke with Chris on the phone (love her accent), met with her in person and she absolutely won us over!! We have used Chris for twice-a-day visits with Lola and Maggie and have been positively thrilled with the level of care Chris continually affords our girls. We don't worry even the tiniest bit about them knowing we have Chris.
If it seems too good to be true.....it's NOT! Just call anyone of her clients and they will undoubtedly share the same wonderful experiences as we have.

- Professionalism
- Attention to details
- Sincere love of her clients
That's our Aussie Pet Sitter!!"

Laura and Molly, South Tampa.


"We are very happy with Chris and so is Lucy and Rikki. We hired Chris when we got Lucy and we credit her with helping to housebreak Lucy."

Phil and Liana, South Tampa.





"Michelle has done a great job of caring for Sabastian and Samson while I was away last month (May 2007). "My guys" were glad to see me when I got back, but were well cared-for and seemed not to mind my absence. This was a great relief since a previous experience when I boarded them at the vets resulted in anxiety and confusion for them. They were so much better being in their own environment with some loving attention from Michelle each day. And Michelle didn't mind my calling her from 6 states away just to check on them! I now have a pet-sitting service that the "guys" and I can depend on which gives me peace of mind when travelling."

Phyllis, South Tampa.

Chris, our sitter, provided excellent care for our new young puppy; a one year old female daschund. She provided ample love and care with great enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend Chris as a pet sitter and/or daily walker!!!!!!!!"

Lisa, South Tampa.






"We are constantly amazed at the number of people who leave their pets at a boarding facility when they go on leave or a vacation.

We are the proud adoptive parents of a 7-year-old retired racing Greyhound named Slamming Abe.

His previous life was without most any creature comfort and love, spending most of his time in a cage with a concrete floor for a bed.

Unfortunately a great many hotels don’t accept our four legged family members as guests and we could not entertain the idea of removing him from his (our) home and placing him in a foreign environment filled with strangers, while we enjoy ourselves on vacation.

We performed a search/interview with several Pet Sitters before finding Chris at An Aussie Pet Sitter over a year ago.

Abe warmed-up to Chris as soon as she walked in the door, and it was immediately apparent to us that she did really have a wonderful touch with him.

Since then we have had the opportunity of utilizing the services of An Aussie Pet Sitter 4 or 5 times. Chris always calls and keeps us informed of Abe’s condition or anytime she observes anything out of the ordinary, even if it is something that is normal for him to do.

We get a thorough report card description of each and every visit and Abe is always in wonderful spirits when we return.

Chris even calls us from time-to-time just to check on Abe’s condition even when we are not away.

We highly recommend Chris and An Aussie Pet Sitter to everyone who love their pets and want the very best for their care."

Gabor & Jean, South Tampa.

"Chris is the most conscientious, detail oriented sitter I have experienced. She truly loves animals and has made every effort to connect with my cat and provide her with the highest quality care."

Julie, Hyde Park, Tampa.







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