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Who is Aussie Pet Sitter? Well, the founder of our committed team is Chris Barlow, a responsible, reliable, friendly Australian and a proud permanent Tampa resident.

Chris arrived in the States in 2002 from Wollongong, Australia. An avid animal lover from early on, she studied animal care for two years and was a regular volunteer at the RSPCA, which is the Australian equivalent of the SPCA.

Chris dreamed of being a veterinarian, but life took her in another direction -- into education and academic administration. But she never forgot her early dream to work with animals, and lucky for South Tampa four-legged families, she eventually found a way to make her personal avocation her career. To make sure that she could deliver the highest level of care to pets in her (then) new business, Chris decided early on regularly to attend professional development courses and training, to follow all of the best practices for pet-sitting professionals and to stay up-to-date and trained. One of her qualifications is in Pet First Aid & Care by PetTech.

As the founder and business manager of Aussie Pet Sitter, Chris now puts her immense passion and professionalism into caring for animals and ensuring that those she hires always provide the same extraordinary care for clients and their pets as does Chris, herself.


  • Are insured and bonded under "Aussie Pet Sitter."
  • Adhere to the high standards that Aussie Pet Sitter expects clients to receive.
  • Have extensive experience in dealing with animals.
  • LOVE animals of all shapes and sizes!




Unlike many other pet-sitting services, at Aussie Pet Sitter the sitter you meet will be the actual one that looks after your pets. If they are not available, we will set you up with another sitter who will come to meet you. We believe you should always know who is in your home, looking after your pets!

Hiring associates is very important. It’s impossible for one person to provide thorough care to all of the pets we look after. But while the pet sitter may not be Chris, it will ALWAYS be someone special, trained, professional and caring. Our hiring practices are at the heart of our excellence. Associates go through a strict process that includes a national background and reference check, plus multiple interviews and a full week of training, while shadowing Chris, the founder of the company. Once that is completed, the associate remains on a probationary status for the first three months of employment.

If you are a new client, here are some things you need to know and prepare to have one of our loving pet-sitters take care of your four-legged children: Before booking an Aussie Pet Sitter, we will schedule a no obligation, initial consultation at which we visit your home and learn about your pets, their needs and your expectations. We will also explain our procedures and policies, how we work and who will be your assigned pet sitter associate. The consultation will allow you to show Aussie Pet Sitter where everything is and to make sure we are both comfortable with our professional relationship. It really has to be a good fit for both of us.

Before scheduling a session, a new client must agree to our rates and policies and provide three (3) working keys as we want to make sure that each associate assigned – whether the permanent sitter, or a back-up – has a key. Please check them. Very often, newly cut keys do not work. That will mean extra visits, delays for your pets and extra fees.

After the consultation, we will give you the information you need to access our on-line portal and book services, as well as a video that will explain how to check on your pet’s status periodically. Our state-of-the-art system means that you can always check how your pets are doing and whether a sitter has visited and for how long. Associates use the portal to clock in and out as they arrive at and leave your home. They can also leave notes and send photos so you can see how your furry kids are doing. You can also use the portal to book new or additional services. It’s very convenient.

Because we provide concierge level service, we pay our associates well to make sure we get the best people for the job. Our rates reflect this commitment.

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